Recovering From Your Accident

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Strengthening Your Personal Injury Lawsuit: Gathering Proof, Getting Treatment And Staying Organized

30 November 2016
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When you file a personal injury lawsuit, there are a number of ways you can help strengthen your case. From gathering important records to making sure any accident reports are correct, there are ways to ensure that your lawyer has all of the information they need to move forward. When you go to treatment providers, always get a copy of the summary of your visit. Gather together all of your treatment records since the accident, and make sure that you follow through with all medical advice. Read More …

How To Stay Safe In A Multi-Car Accident

29 November 2016
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Do you know how to stay safe in a multiple-car accident? If you don't, then the initial impact isn't the only thing that can cause you injury; you need to know how to stay safe so that events following the initial crash don't inflict further harm on you or your passengers. Here are four safety precautions you shouldn't forget in such an accident: Stay In the Car In a pile-up, you never know when another car may hit you again. Read More …

Black Ice: Why It’s Dangerous And How To Protect Yourself In A Lawsuit

28 November 2016
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Black ice is that nasty sort of ice that is so clear that all you see is the asphalt just underneath it. You think it is safe to walk on it, but then BOOM! Down you go. Dozens of personal injury cases are filed every year against businesses that have failed to clear black ice. You do not want you and your business to be one of them. To better understand the dangers of black ice, and to protect yourself in a lawsuit, here is what you need to know. Read More …

What Are Damages & Damage Caps in Medical Malpractice Claims?

23 November 2016
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If you're considering filing a medical malpractice suit, it's important to understand what damages and damage caps are and how they can affect your case. Here's what you should know. What are medical malpractice damages and damage caps? Each medical malpractice case has both "hard" and "soft" damages involved. "Hard" damages are easier to quantify (though often disputed) because they rely on established facts and figures of known losses and statistical estimates of future losses (which is usually where the disputes come in). Read More …

Loving Ride Share Apps? Tips For Staying Safe As A Passenger

22 November 2016
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Ride share apps have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years, and some people are choosing to rely on ride sharing apps instead of buying a car. They can be convenient, and many ride sharing apps do screen drivers. Other companies may not check everyone's driving record, though, so beware! Personal injury attorneys know all too well how many passengers are injured in car wrecks each year. So when getting in the car with a stranger that you connect with on a ride sharing app, be sure to follow these tips for staying safe on the road as a passenger. Read More …