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Why a Semi Truck Accident Victim Needs Legal Representation

21 March 2018
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Thousands of semi truck accidents happen each year. Often, the truck driver is employed by a company to transport goods to and from designated locations in a specific time frame. If the trucker does not meet the allotted time goals, he or she may incur a financial loss.  As a result, if the trucker runs behind schedule, the person's driving speed may be faster than it should it be. Additionally, the trucker may refuse to take needed rest breaks. Read More …

3 Types Of Workplace Injuries To Watch Out For

9 January 2017
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No one clocks in for their shift expecting to get injured, but the fact of the matter is that workplace injuries can occur. Many of these injuries could be avoided with some extra vigilance on the part of both employers and employees. In order to avoid the stress associated with healing from an injury and battling to receive financial compensation in court, it can be beneficial to know what types of injuries to watch for while you are on the job. Read More …

Been in a Car Accident? 2 Tips to Help You Get an Affordable Attorney

3 January 2017
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Being in a car accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You may have sustained serious injuries that have turned your life upside down. The situation becomes even more dire if it's determined that the collision was your fault. You'll definitely need to hire a lawyer to defend you so that you can hopefully mitigate some of the repercussions. However, if money is an issue, you may not see how you can possibly afford a lawyer. Read More …

Clues That Tell You It Is Time To Retain A Personal Injury Attorney

30 December 2016
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Being involved in an accident where you are the victim is bad enough. It is worse when you sustain injuries from that accident. Before you do anything else, you will need to determine whether you should retain one of the many skilled personal injury attorneys in your area. You Keep Getting Requests To Sign Papers  Since insurance adjusters and lawyers that represent the person or company that caused your injuries are not wanting your signature for their personal collection of autographs, you have to wonder what it is that they want you to sign that is so important. Read More …

How To Proceed With A Workplace Injury That Resulted From Employer Negligence

29 December 2016
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Employee injuries that result from company negligence deserve a close look from a lawyer to determine your next action. Here is some advice on how to proceed in this situation. Get Documentation The first step would be to collect evidence of what caused your injury. Take photos of the setting and talk to other employees who are aware of the situation or who saw what happened first-hand. All evidence that you can bring to your attorney will help them determine the best follow-up. Read More …