4 Simple Tips For Finding A Wrongful Death Attorney

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4 Simple Tips For Finding A Wrongful Death Attorney

18 June 2018
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When looking for an attorney with experience in "wrongful death" cases, it can be tough to know where to begin. How do you determine if your case qualifies? What questions should you ask a potential attorney? Below are some useful tips to help you create the smoothest and most hassle-free experience when looking for a wrongful death attorney

1) Determine if your case could qualify as a wrongful death case.

If you or a family member have been affected by the loss of a loved one, you may qualify. Spouses, parents, and dependents of the deceased may file a claim for wrongful death. The definition of wrongful death includes a death by accident, murder, or malpractice (in the case of a medical mishap). 

2) Find a local attorney or a firm that deals with clients online and that works with wrongful death cases.

If you're not sure if they do or not, contact them and ask. It is advisable to find a local attorney when possible; dealing with an someone face to face can help ensure there are no unanswered questions later on. 

3) Determine, with the help of your new attorney, what "damages" can be recovered.

Examples of damages include types of monetary loss, including funeral expenses, any required medical care,and lost earnings of the deceased. Other damages can include the pain and suffering of those surviving the deceased. Sometimes you can recoup losses of potential earnings as well; work closely with your chosen attorney or firm to determine if this is an option. Every case will be different to some degree; there is no mathematical calculation for determining the damages, so be prepared to be flexible when necessary.

4) Find out the statute of limitations for your case.

In many cases you can file a claim within two years after the deceased's death; this will, however, vary from state to state. Consult your attorney for more information about what is allowed in your state of residence. 

The pain and suffering inflicted by the loss of someone close to you is very real, and in many cases you may be able to file for wrongful death damages. The key to building a case is to find a trustworthy attorney or firm with a solid record of successful cases. Remember to be optimistic and yet realistic when working out the details of what you may be entitled to. You can do this!