3 Types Of Workplace Injuries To Watch Out For

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3 Types Of Workplace Injuries To Watch Out For

9 January 2017
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No one clocks in for their shift expecting to get injured, but the fact of the matter is that workplace injuries can occur. Many of these injuries could be avoided with some extra vigilance on the part of both employers and employees.

In order to avoid the stress associated with healing from an injury and battling to receive financial compensation in court, it can be beneficial to know what types of injuries to watch for while you are on the job. Here are three workplace injuries to keep watch for in the future.

1. A slip and fall injury.

While falling down on the job can certainly be embarrassing, it can also be dangerous. Even a minor fall could result in broken bones or serious bruising if you land incorrectly. Surfaces that become slick in the workplace can cause a slip and fall injury. It's important that you take the time to be vigilant of your surroundings as you navigate your work area.

Areas outside of restrooms or near drinking fountains often become slippery due to water transfer, but flooring that has recently been cleaned can also be slippery. Even if no visible signs warning of a slipper floor are posted, you should proceed with caution as you move about the workplace to help prevent a slip and fall injury.

2. An injury caused by a falling object.

If you work in an environment where objects are stored vertically (like in a warehouse or storeroom), then it's important that you are aware of these objects at all times. A falling object could strike you in the head, causing serious injury that might leave you unable to work.

Take the time to look up as you pass under vertically-stacked items. Glancing up at these items will allow you to identify any products that are precariously perched, and you can remedy the matter before the objects fall and cause an injury in the future.

3. An injury caused by sitting in one position for too long.

It's important that your employer allows you several break periods throughout the day where you can get up from your desk and move around.

Sitting in the same position hour after hour can result in back, knee, and other lower body injuries. Regular stretching and brisk walks around your workplace can help you prevent sitting from taking a toll on your body.

Being able to identify some potentially dangerous situations within your workplace will allow you to more easily avoid sustaining a serious personal injury while on the job. For more information, contact a firm such as The Gil Law Firm.