Been in a Car Accident? 2 Tips to Help You Get an Affordable Attorney

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Been in a Car Accident? 2 Tips to Help You Get an Affordable Attorney

3 January 2017
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Being in a car accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You may have sustained serious injuries that have turned your life upside down. The situation becomes even more dire if it's determined that the collision was your fault. You'll definitely need to hire a lawyer to defend you so that you can hopefully mitigate some of the repercussions. However, if money is an issue, you may not see how you can possibly afford a lawyer. Use this information to learn more about what you can do to get a budget-friendly attorney after an accident.

Visit a Legal Aid Society

After an accident, a legal aid society can be an absolute godsend. The workers there can put you in touch with a lawyer who can help you fight your case without breaking the bank.

Legal aid societies are a good bet for a number of reasons. They help offset the traditional prices of lawyers because the organizations are funded by a number of grants and anonymous donations. The aim of most legal aid societies is to make quality legal representation a reality for people all over the country, no matter what their budget may be.

When you contact the legal aid society, they will likely consult with you to determine the extent of your case. If there's a lawyer available to represent you, the society may require some type of documentation of your income. Because of this, you'll want to round up your wage statements before getting into contact with the aid society.

Seek Out a Pro Bono Attorney

If you don't have a legal aid society in your local community, your next step is to seek out a pro bono attorney. These are legal professionals who agree to take on your case without you having to pay for anything.

Although their work is typically not heavily publicized, there are a number of lawyers who take on clients and work with them for free. These attorneys understand that some people just don't have the money to pay for legal fees, and these professionals want to help. Although you may have to call around to a number of law firms before you find a pro bono attorney, they are out there. Be persistent and you may find that your persistence pays off.

After an accident, getting affordable legal assistance doesn't have to be out of reach. The next time you need a lawyer, remember these tips so you can get one right away. To learn more, contact resources like D Chadwick Calvert Law Office.