Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You Following A Motorcycle Accident

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Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You Following A Motorcycle Accident

22 December 2016
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A motorcycle accident can be a particularly dangerous and damaging incident to experience. Unfortunately, individuals that have been victims in these accidents may not fully understand or appreciate the various ways that a personal injury attorney can help them during this time.

Arrange For You To Receive Medical Treatment

Following a serious motorcycle accident, you may require ongoing care or lengthy rehabilitation. Yet, it can be exceedingly difficult for these accident victims to pay for this care. Luckily, many personal injury attorneys have established professional relationships with doctors, and this may help them to arrange for you to pay for this care out of your settlement. This will allow you to focus on recovering as your case winds its way to a conclusion. In the event that your case is not resolved in your favor, your attorney will be able to advise you on the steps for handling your medical bill, which may include taking advantage of public relief programs for medical debt or making a payment plan with the doctor.

Act As Intermediary When Communicating With The Insurance

During the course of settling your claim, you will likely need to be in fairly regular communication with the insurance company. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly risky endeavor, as the insurance company may be subtly attempting to get you to admit at least partial liability for the incident. Once this mistake is made, you may find it is all but impossible to collect meaningful compensation for the accident. When you retain an attorney, you can direct these communications through your legal representative. This will prevent you from falling victim to misleading or poorly worded questions. Additionally, this can give you additional time, which may be useful in formulating a response that accurately reflects your role as a victim in the accident.

Contest Inaccuracies In The Accident Report

The police accident report can be one of the more important pieces of evidence during your case. Yet, it must be noted that these reports may not always be completely accurate. When a police officer makes a mistake in completing these forms, it can profoundly weaken your case. Your attorney will be able to help you contest the erroneous aspects of the accident report. This can be done by gathering video footage from nearby security cameras, interviewing witnesses, analyzing the skid marks at the accident scene, and interviewing the responding police officer. While contesting the accuracy of an accident report can be a complicated endeavor, it may be the only way to preserve the strength of your claim.

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