Settling Your Car Accident Claim: How Working With an Attorney Will Help

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Settling Your Car Accident Claim: How Working With an Attorney Will Help

14 December 2016
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If you've been injured in a car accident, you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. If the party that caused the accident is quick to offer a settlement, it is probable that you have a strong personal injury lawsuit you can file. Few individuals or insurance companies are going to offer a settlement if they think they can win against you in a personal injury case. An offer for settlement is a sign that the defendant wants the case to go away quickly. Even if you eventually settle out of court, having an attorney on your side to look over the deal is important.

When a Quick Settlement Offer Is a Good Sign

An insurance company is not offering you a quick settlement because they feel bad for you and want your needs met while you are recovering from your injuries. A quick settlement offer means the company is trying to cut their losses now. Whether they don't want to deal with the cost of litigating a personal injury lawsuit, or they don't want any negative press, an offer that comes fast means that you have plenty of room to negotiate. You don't have to accept a first offer, and an attorney will help you negotiate a settlement that is fair.

What Your Settlement Should Cover

When you lose hours at work and have medical bills piling up, a car accident settlement should be enough to cover these losses. In addition, the settlement should cover the cost of repairing or replacing any property you lost because of the accident. If you are back to work within a few weeks with no permanent disability, a settlement that covers the above is probably fair. You can probably hold out for more money if your injury was very painful or if you can prove that the event was traumatic. If you suffer a permanent disability and you are no longer able to work, your settlement will need to be much higher in order to be acceptable.

When You Are Permanently Disabled

It may be hard to settle your case if you have become permanently disabled, as your financial requirements will be much higher. You will have the right to receive compensation for lost future wages, pain and suffering, and loss of future enjoyment. These are factors that can bring your compensation into the millions, and insurance companies are less likely to settle for this amount of money.