What To Expect In A Pedestrian Car Accident

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What To Expect In A Pedestrian Car Accident

30 November 2016
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Hitting someone walking in the street or near a road can be a terrifying experience. It is important that you know how to best react if this happens to you. The most important thing you can do is not panic. You should also never drive away. Instead, do the following to ensure you and the pedestrian are as safe as possible:

Get to a Safe Place

One of the first things you need to do after an accident with a pedestrian is get off the road and to a safe place. If you can safely move your car out of the road, be sure to do that first. If the pedestrian is able to walk, he or she also needs to get to safety. However, if they are seriously injured, do not try to move them by yourself. Turn on your hazard lights so that people know to slow down. Stay close so that you can monitor the situation until the police arrive.

Call For Help

Once you and the pedestrian are safe, call the police. It is imperative to get the event on record with the police for a variety of purposes. You need to make the call even if the pedestrian is refusing medical care. It will need to be noted in the report that the pedestrian did not want to be seen by medical personnel in the event they try to sue you later. The accident report will be necessary for you if you need to repair your vehicle through your insurance carrier.

Exchange Information

If you are both able, you and the pedestrian need to exchange personal information. Limit the exchange to basic information, such as phone numbers and insurance information. It can be an emotional and scary experience, and it will be easy for you to claim that you were the cause of the accident even if you weren't. If you claim fault for the accident, the pedestrian can later use that claim against you if they plan to sue you for their injuries. The police will work out who was at fault for the accident, so try to remain as calm as possible.

Going through an accident with a pedestrian can be a frightening experience. Be sure you have a good attorney to help guide you through the process. This way, you will know what to expect if you are left in the position of defending yourself in a lawsuit. For more information, contact a law office such as the Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC.