How To Stay Safe In A Multi-Car Accident

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How To Stay Safe In A Multi-Car Accident

29 November 2016
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Do you know how to stay safe in a multiple-car accident? If you don't, then the initial impact isn't the only thing that can cause you injury; you need to know how to stay safe so that events following the initial crash don't inflict further harm on you or your passengers. Here are four safety precautions you shouldn't forget in such an accident:

Stay In the Car

In a pile-up, you never know when another car may hit you again.  Not only that, but you could also be hit while coming out of your car. This is especially true if you are still in the middle of the road. Therefore, don't get out of the car until the first responders arrive and tell you it's safe to do so. Also, keep your seatbelt fastened to mitigate any possible injuries if you are hit by another car.

Put On the Hazard Lights

Another safety tip is to switch on your hazard lights.  Switching on the lights warns other road users that there is a hazardous situation on the road. Without these hazard lights, other vehicles traveling at high speeds may not know that your car is stationary or that there is a dangerous situation on the road. Therefore, the hazard lights are as much for your benefit as they are for other road users' benefits.

Don't Take the Child Out Of Their Seat

If you have a young passenger, don't take them out of their seat. This may be hard to do after an accident since you may feel an irresistible urge to hold and comfort them. Unfortunately, that would only put them in harm's way in case another vehicle rams into your car again. Don't forget that even a minor crash may injure your infant since their spine is still developing and their head is likely to be big for their body size.

Call 911

In a multiple-car accident, you may assume that someone else will call for emergency services, but what if they also make the same assumption? It might also be that they are too injured to make the call or that their phones have been damaged in the crash. Therefore, don't assume anything; it's better to make multiple calls than to make no call at all.

Liability can be pretty difficult to determine in a multiple-car accident. At the same time, multiple victims will be jostling for a share of the available coverage when it comes to compensation. Therefore, you need the help of a automobile accident attorney to safeguard your rights during the claim or litigation process.